Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Pre and post workout nutrition is crucial to a good workout for three critical reasons. First a workout is only as good as the diet surrounding it. Second a workout needs fuel that will be nutritious and truly provide energy. Third a post workout routine can never include more food or rewards that are not seriously nutritious. Here are three detailed guides to a pre and post workout nutrition regimen.

Your pre and post workout nutrition depends on the type of lifestyle and exercises you do. Sport nutrition focuses on maximizing performance or achieving specific physical results. Another words, body building and sculpting will require a more specific before and after workout diet than playing football. However, feats of endurance like triathlons will require a different pre workout fuel and the post workout diet will not be an issue. But a dancer, model or competitive body builder will need to focus on their post workout intake in order to ensure muscle growth.

Your pre workout nutrition can fall into two categories: carbohydrate loading for maximum energy burns or high protein for the workouts that require less energy. Carbohydrate energy drinks are a great solution to sport nutrition and you can augment them with bases that you create yourself. So if your triathlon is tomorrow then today you need to start with low fat healthy carbs. And before the triathlon or game, the same shake should be your breakfast. It will provide fluids, carbohydrates and protein. If additives like creatine do not go against your grain then use a powder base that includes those extras on game day. If your tomorrow will involve a slower workout like yoga or a hike, then today should be a focus on proteins. And tomorrow's pre hike breakfast should include a high fluid energy drink with a protein base such as tofu to lend the most to the long slow hours ahead.

Finally, after any workout, what you eat must be cleansing not fattening nor carbohydrate loading, unless your goal is to maximize muscle gain. So after the morning weight lifting class, you're starving. To maximize your iron pumping efforts this is the optimal time to have that energy shake again. Use a mix with whey, creatine and a carbohydrate base. Consume this after your cool down but within one hour after the workout. This is also great after an advanced yoga regimen. After recharging your muscles with these crucial fluids and appropriate nutrition, do not eat until 3 hours have passed. Drink water if you like but don't over do it. And as we said in the beginning, great performance and a cut, muscle ready body will need a healthy diet all day everyday.
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