Restaurants Dublin Clontarf Restaurant 1014
Restaurant 1014

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Restaurant 1014

324 Clontarf Road Clontarf, Dublin
(01) 805 48773
Cuisines: Irish, Organic, Seafood
Price Range:
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Restaurant Reviews

bad experience

UserIcon GUEST
Visited on: 15/03/2015
I booked this for Mothers Day for my disabled mother. On booking I of course asked first of all about wheelchair access and was told 'of course, it is fully accessible but you will have to sit on the ground level". Fine. What about wheelchair parking? "Yes, we have a wheelchair space just outside". Great.
We arrived at the restaarant, now called Pavilion and very quickly saw there was absolutely no parking whatsoever, what ever about Wheelchair parking! I went ahead into the restaurant to ensure the rest was ok. I was greeted by a manager who yawned right into my face and then smiled as I explained my problem. He then became very concerned with who had told me that. Could I remember the name of the person. When I said this was not the issue and tried to explain about my mother, all set for lunch, he was not even concerned. He said a meek 'sorry about that' and didn't give a hoot one way or the other about the situation he had left us in. We ended up in Clontarf Castle nearby and even though it was Mothers Day and they were busy, they did everything possible to accommodate us. A beautiful seat in the Knights Bar and good food and superbe service. Is it any wonder it was full and the other place half empty?
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